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Business Hazardous Waste Disposal

Is my business eligible to use the free* disposal service?

To qualify your business must be:

  • located in King County (this includes all cities and unincorporated areas – as well as all of Bothell, Pacific, Auburn, and Algona.
  • a Small Quantity Generator (SQG).

What is a Small Quantity Generator SQG?

It is a business that:

  • produces less than 220 pounds (about 25 gallons) of hazardous waste per month.
  • produces less than 2.2 pounds (about a quart) of acutely hazardous waste** per month.
  • stores less than 2, 200 pounds (about four 55 gallon drums) of hazardous waste.

How often can your business use this free service?

Your business can visit a maximum of four times a year.

You cannot use the free disposal service if you

  • produce more than 220 pounds of hazardous waste per month
  • produce more than 2.2 pounds of extremely hazardous waste** per month
  • store more than 2, 200 pounds of hazardous waste

Call (206) 263-8899 if you are not sure if you qualify.

Can you hire a hauler to take my wastes to the facility?

Yes, you may use a hauler. But we prefer that the business owner/manager or a company employee bring the waste themselves.

Container size and quantity limits

  • No more than 25 gallons (max 220 pounds) of hazardous waste per visit.
  • Containers must be 5 gallons or less and weigh less than 60 pounds each.
  • All containers regardless of contents are counted as full.
  • Call 206-263-8899 if you have more than these limits. We reserve the right to refuse any waste at our facilities.

Next steps:

  • complete this online form, print 2 copies and bring to disposal facility with your hazardous waste


  • download the PDF form, print 2 completed, signed copies and bring them to a disposal facility with your hazardous waste.

Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory chemicals MUST be approved by Program staff before you bring them to a facility for disposal.

Do you have unwanted but still useful hazardous products?

** Laboratories, medical facilities, pest control operators and other businesses that work with highly toxic or reactive chemicals (called "acutely hazardous wastes") may produce wastes with a monthly SQG limit of 2.2 pounds. Call the business waste line (206-263-8899) for help or check the "P" list of discarded chemical products.

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