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Hazardous Waste Disposal Concord ca

4797 Imhoff Pl
Martinez, CA 94553
(800) 646-1431

My experience was as positive as other reviewers have noted: * Pleasant, efficient staff * No line * Attendants retrieved paint cans from my car's trunk * In and out within a few minutes * Free It's worth a trip just to enjoy the good service!

Fast, free, convenient and friendly are words to describe this household recycling center. Drive up, hand your driver's license and employees will come up to your car and unload your materials. Had some old anti-freeze and paint to recycle. They accepted it all without any questions.

I went to the reuse room for some freebies. Damn, everyone there looks like a meth head. Does that mean I look like a meth head too? Looks in mirror. Maybe. One lady is grabbing things right and left to the point where other people are backing away because they are afraid she might dump chemicals on them. There were no boxes so the lady piled up about 15 items (that's the limit) on her chest and carried them out to her car. Freaky Friday everyday at the Freebie room. Oh yeah, and one lady brought her mother there for her birthday to pick out free products. I know this because the lady was scared that Cloud Cover was a toxic chemical so I informed her of the uses. That's when I was told about the big birthday celebration. Good times! Happy Birthday Mom!

I can't say enough positive things about my entire experience from start to finish with this facility. I came with a few paint cans, a couple of 5-gallon propane tanks and no idea of what to expect. I'm not the best with directions and this place has a multitude of signs to help you figure out which way to go. As of now - hazardous waste drop off is left and the recycled water area goes to the right side. You don't have to get out of your car (in fact, you're not allowed to) and the speed taken to assist each customer is fast so you don't have much waiting time. The place is squeaky-clean and the attendants were knowledgable and really friendly. If all the services in our county were run as well as this one appeared to be, we'd be in great shape!

I have been using this facility for at least 15 years. I have received excellent service from them since day one; friendly, efficient and fast. I have never had to wait in a long line. If you bring in something that you're not sure whether they will accept it or not, they will give you a list of alternative facilities. Awesome resource.

If you live in the area, they take your hazardous waste for free. All you have to do is drive it over. This is fantastic!! The staff here are friendly and helpful, and they're open most days to boot. I'm not aware of any counties that do a better job with respect to hazardous waste. I never thought I would be enthusiastic about a hazardous waste facility, but there you go. I say this in comparison to Alameda and Yolo counties, where I have previously lived and tried to deal with hazardous waste; in both where they only accepted hazardous waste on occasion (in Alameda I think this only is when Venus is in transit across the sun), and you have to pay a fair amount to do so.

We literally had old cans of paint around for years and years. Like 10 years and we finally got the cobwebs kinda off of the cans, threw them into garbage bags and took them to this place. Google maps got it wrong but easy enough to find the right place. Went on a Friday afternoon and was shocked how long a line there was. thought I would be there forever but the line moved at a good clip and 20 minutes later this man wheeled over a cart and took all that junk out of my hands. Thank you!!

What an awesome place! Not to mention a what would be a daunting chore an easy, I mean easy, peasy.. Drive up, show ID, and they unload your truck! We had much more than normal people would (not that we are abnormal ;) ) and they still helped us, just in stages.. Awesome way to recycle and clean your sideyard/garage.

Not bad, Not bad. The Mrs. and I had to drop off a few 5 gallon buckets of paint today. The whole process is really easy. Pull up, give the guy your drivers license, pop the back, they take it out and you're done! Couldn't be easier, and the fact you stay in your car is a nice touch.

Awesome. Quick easy disposal of some old oil we used to deep fry a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was a little difficult to find but a breeze after you pull into the driveway of the facility. The men come and cart away the stuff from your car for you. I guess since it's hazardous waste they don't want you getting out of the car.

100% outstanding staff ... operation ... friendly ... helpful ... could not be a better run operation. I really appreciate keeping the kind of things they collect out of our disposal system. Plus they recycle. Could not rate them any higher.

It's nice to be able to drive to this place and have them take your used car battery to dispose of at the drive-thru. Still, it's completely in BFE and it certainly explains why so many people dispose of hazardous materials illegally. In fact, this place wouldn't even take our used prescription medicines. They said those could be disposed of at the police stations. Still, what an insane amount of work! Shouldn't the Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at least take used medications as well? I guess that's why they get docked one star.

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