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Green Waste Disposal Dublin

Want to try food recycling/composting at home?
To learn how to get started, offers helpful tips and discounted bins to store your compost items.

Some benefits of composting, as listed by the EPA are:
Composting can regenerate soil and reduce plant diseases.
Composting can reduce the need for fertilizers, pesticides and water.
Composting can reduce soil erosion.

Find out more from the EPA and what you can do, visit .

FREE Large Item Services
As part of the minimum level of garbage service from AVI, Dublin residents are entitled to 3 annual on-call large item pick-ups per year (for condominium and apartments tenants, please contact your property manager as pick-ups may be different). These pick-ups are an ideal way for residents to dispose of any unwanted material that has been stored away or could not be thrown away as part of the regular garbage pickup. Please, no more than 7 cubic yards of material per pickup (additional fees will apply).

What is a large item?
Large items include such things as tires, refrigerators, computers, monitors, television, stereos, etc. For a complete list of acceptable items and rules which residents must follow, please consult the .

  • Call at least 3 days in advance: 925-479-9545.
  • Set material at the curb no more than 24 hours in advance.
  • Do not block the sidewalk or impede traffic.
  • Small items must be boxed or bagged in disposable containers.
  • Yard clippings must be bundled, boxed, or bagged.
  • Containers set on the curb will not be returned.
  • Do not use your garbage, recycling, or organics carts.
  • No dirt, rock, concrete, or hazardous materials.
  • No items weighing more 75 pounds, with the exception of furniture and appliances.
For more information on large item collection or to schedule a collection, please contact Amador Valley Industries at 925-479-9545.

Roll-off/Drop Box Services
Debris boxes that range from 6 to forty cubic yards are available for construction sites and home remodeling projects. This service is provided Monday through Friday. Please contact for more information.

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