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Nuclear Waste Disposal Companies

Radioactive Waste Disposal TruckChase's extensive experience and knowledge of radioactive waste regulations and requirements allow us to customize the best solutions for your company's needs.

Radioactive Waste Management including Brokerage, Processing & Disposal

• Low-Level Radioactive waste disposal
• Nuclear waste disposal
• Mixed waste collection and disposal
• Turnkey Packaging, Labeling and Manifesting
• Chase Owned Transportation Vehicles

Our company's Waste Management Brokerage Division specializes in the management and disposal of LLRW, nuclear waste, NORM and Mixed Waste collection, transportation, volume reduction, and disposal throughout the South, Midwest and Eastern United States.

Our staff of experienced waste management brokers and technicians hold advanced level certifications for properly preparing waste for transport over public highways. Your waste will be picked up, manifested, and controlled in one of our trucks from the time of collection to its final destination.

Chase's Rad Waste Brokers and Technicians provide:

• Advanced level certifications for public highway transportation.
• Knowledge in completing and reviewing the packaging, marking and labeling of radioactive materials and disposal of radioactive waste.
• Radiological expertise to ensure full compliance with all DOT, NRC, state and local regulations.

Rad Waste Disposal and Processing

• Volume Reduction with High Force Supercompactor
• Solidification and Stabilization
• Material Repackaging and Consolidation

Our company has dedicated its managment efforts to focus solely on the Small Quantity Generators and to afford these waste streams the proper level of attention a level of attention that Chase has found absent at other commercial waste processing facilities that handle waste from large quantity generators (e.g. nuclear power plants, the DOE, etc.).

All waste is disposed of at licensed disposal facilities, returned for storage, or disposed of at an alternatively approved facility.

Waste processed at our facility

Examples of waste types suitable for processing at our facility include the following activated or contaminated materials:

• Paper
• Plastic
• Glass
• Rubber
• Soil/Sludge
• Absorbed Liquids

• Concrete or Rubble
• Metal
• Radio-Chemical Compounds
(Solidified or Un-solidified)
• Sealed Sources or Devices Containing Sealed Sources
• Compactible Trash

Sample Project:

Strube Radium Recovery

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