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Biohazard Waste Disposal Companies

If you are operating a medical facility, it is important to have a trustworthy company handling your waste disposal. Medical waste disposal in California should only be carried out by a properly licensed authority. Starlite Reclamation Environmental Services is certified through the California Department of Public Health’s Medical Waste Management Program to safely transport medical and biohazard waste products.

We offer expert, low-cost and contract-free medical waste transportation services throughout Southern California, including biohazard waste disposal and medical waste disposal in Los Angeles. Your medical waste, sharps waste and chemo waste can all be transported to authorized and licensed medical waste treatment facilities for proper disposal.

If you need biohazard waste disposal in Los Angeles, Starlite offers reliable service to any facility generating medical or biohazard waste. Put your trust in a respectable authority on waste disposal, and ensure your hazardous wastes are disposed of safely.

We provide our services to medical offices, dentists’ offices, veterinarian offices, health clinics and any individual or business that is generating medical waste or sharps waste. We offer flexible service options that do not obligate you to be locked into a lengthy contract. Our medical waste collection services are available throughout Southern California, including medical waste disposal in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Corona, and many other areas in the region.

Below are some of the California Health and Safety Code 118280 details on site storage requirements.

California Health and Safety Code 118280 details on site storage requirements.


> 20 pounds of bio waste or sharps must be removed within 7 days

Transportation of Medical Waste

Note, sharps and biohazard material can be shipped in same over pack container as long as they are maintained within their separate container/bag. Must off load at TSDF within 24 hours Use TSDF manifest of bill of lading.

Starlite offers biohazards waste disposal and medical waste disposal in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Inland Empire, Corona, San Bernardino County, Fontana, Sand Diego County, and High Desert.

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