Pattern of medical waste management: existing scenario in Dhaka

Biomedical Waste Disposal in Hospital

logo-hnhs-mwd-cHNHS specializes in the proper disposal of regulated medical waste as well as Pharmaceutical Waste and Sharps Disposal.

What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste may also be referred to as infectious waste, biohazardous waste or red bag waste. It includes, but not limited to, infectious materials to include blood, items saturated or caked with blood, contaminated sharps, pathological waste and trace chemotherapy waste.

Non-Clinical Sources

  • Casinos
  • Resorts
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Jails/Prisons
  • Animal Shelters & Hospitals
  • Schools & Universities
  • Tattoo Parlors & Permanent Makeup Studios

Convenient and Compliant

Our medical waste disposal services include:

  • FREE Training programs for your staff to understand medical waste handling requirements per U.S. DOT Regulations
  • Proper transport containers and shipping labels
  • Pickup, removal and transport of biomedical waste by a licensed, insured service
  • Complete chain of custody documentation for the collection and compliant treatment of biomedical waste
  • Cradle-to-grave documentation in the form of required shipping manifests

Environmentally Friendly

  • NO Harmful Air Emissions
  • No Harmful Water Discharge
  • Rendered Safe for Disposal in Municipal Type II Landfills
  • Average Waste Volume Reduced by 85%

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