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On Tuesday, March 28th the Office of Sustainability and the Knight Center will be hosting an e-waste recycling and confidential paper shredding event. All are welcome to bring accepted items to the collection drive, outside Knight and Bauer Hall on Snow Way Drive between 8am and 1pm. All confidential papers and hard drives will be securely and safely recycled by certified vendors.

Electronic waste (or “e-waste”) has historically had a very low rate of recycling, at only 12.5%. While it comprises only a small percent of all waste, it represents the vast majority of toxic waste in landfills. Additionally, it is the fastest growing source of landfill waste. However, when recycled, many highly valuable materials can be recovered from electronics. Currently over $60 million worth of gold and silver inside electronics is dumped into landfills every year.

“Anything with a cord” can be recycled at this event, including computers and accessories, lawn and garden equipment, power tools, and kitchen appliances.

The following items cannot be accepted:

  • Light bulbs
  • Batteries

Most items will be accepted at no cost. Items that require a disposal fee due to hazardous components are listed below:

  • CRT Monitor – $5
  • CRT TV 26in or smaller – $30
  • CRT TV 27in or larger – $50
  • LED/LCD TV – $5
  • Freon items – $10
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