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Leicester Waste Disposal

Legal Compliance - WE MUST! Since October 1st 2007, every business or organisation has a responsibility to 'pre-treat' its waste before it goes to landfill. This means that either us or our waste contractors are obliged to try and separate out as much of the recyclable waste as we can, before the rest of the waste is disposed of. Our new recycling scheme helps us to achieve this legal compliance.

general paper Environmental value of recycling!

We appreciate that it is debatable exactly how 'good' recycling is for the environment. On one issue alone, our paper waste (some of the heaviest material we recycle) is taken to a paper mill in Leicestershire for reprocessing. There would be a carbon-saving for every mile less that our waste travels before it is processed. Reprocessing of waste saves the use of virgin materials and the arguments in favour of recycling (particularly if it happens locally) are now grounded in years of experience.

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