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Reducing the waste we create via reuse of existing items is a exceptional way to reduce our trash and carbon footprint because in avoiding the purchase of new items we reduce waste and eliminate the raw material and energy consumption, and emissions involved with the production, transportation, disposal or recycling of new goods.

Northampton’s Reuse Opportunities:

The ReCenter Swap Shop
At the Glendale Road Transfer Station (map)

Open Saturday mornings from 8–11:30 AM April through October, the ReCenter provides a location for individuals and organizations to donate durable, useful items for others to use. Donated items are available to ReCenter members free of charge. Membership is automatic for all owners of city transfer station permits (needs-based discounts available). For those who do not want access to other transfer station services, or those who live outside of Northampton, an annual ReCenter permit may be purchased ($10). Both permits are available via city transfer stations and the Public Works office on Locust Street.

The ReCenter differs from other swap shops in that our zero-waste and zero-cost pledge requires that we accept material selectively; we can't take anything and everything. Our goal is to avoid trash generation and its financial drain on City resources. When high demand items are quickly adopted, or unadopted items are recyclable (e.g. bicycles and books), ReCenter exchanges are cost and waste-free. If an item is not recyclable (e.g. a varnished wooden table) or is not in great demand, the donor must pay the normal disposal fee up upon delivery to the ReCenter. This allows us to accept more risky items without the City of Northampton being saddled with landfill tonnage costs.

About the ReCenter (brochure)
Working list of items the ReCenter can and cannot accept
Interested in becoming a volunteer? Email us!
Volunteer scheduling (for trained volunteers)

2017 Pop-up Collection, Swap and Repair Events

The City's transfer station permit program allows year-round access to recycling opportunities and the ReCenter. An annual series of pop-up events is held to make reuse and recycling accessible to ALL Northampton residents on a limited basis.

May 6: Spring Recycling & Reuse Rally (pellet fuel bags, large chunks of white Styrofoam, bicycles, clothing and textiles, and bulky rigid plastic (BRP) items, with a public BRP swap. Free document shredding-limits apply.)

May 13: Garden Pot Swap (in conjunction with the SOS Plant Sale)

September 16: Community Repair Event
More information coming soon!

October 7: Community Tailgate Tag Sale (Rain date 10/14)

November 4: Autumn Reuse & Recycling Rally (collecting pumpkins, large chunks of white Styrofoam, bicycles, and bulky rigid plastic items, with a public BRP swap. Free secure document shredding-limits apply)

December 9: Holiday Toy Exchange

"Who Takes What" Directory-Coming Soon!

We're in the process of identifying regional organizations that accept and reuse or recycle all types of items...from car seats to yard waste. Capturing this information is an ongoing process-anticipate updates!

Shopping Bag Reuse

Northampton’s single-use plastic bag ban took effect on January 1, 2016, but Northampton residents have long been supporters of shopping bag reuse. When the Stop and Shop Supermarket Company gave customers cash back for reusable bag use, the Northampton store had the biggest participation of any store in the entire U.S. The local Bagshare Project organizes volunteers to sew shopping bags that are offered in local stores for use free of charge.

A Growing Collection of Retail and Repair Opportunities

Greater Northampton is home to many organizations promoting reuse and repair. We have businesses specializing in repair, vintage, consignment and charity clothing, furniture and decorative item stores, used book, CD and DVD stores, antique stores, and stores selling furniture and décor fashioned out of repurposed items. Search the Yellow Pages under repair, used clothing, used furniture, used records and antique stores to learn more.

A Volunteer Committee

The ReUse Committee, a subcommittee of the Northampton Public Works Commission, works with the Department of Public Works to promote reuse in Northampton. The nine-member committee provides the volunteer energy and talent that powers the ReCenter and our pop-up events. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings, typically held on the second or third Thursday of each month from 8:30-9:30 am. For more information, call 413-587-1059 or visit the Agenda Center.

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