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Round Rock Waste Disposal

Did you know that more than 80% of waste being buried or burned could have been reused, recycled or composted?

For questions regarding the Curbside Recycling program please contact Round Rock Refuse at 512-255-4980 or via email. You may also contact the City at 512-218-7093 or via email.

Curbside Collection

Residential curbside collection services are performed by Round Rock Refuse; 512-255-4980. For non-residential collection see Commercial Recycling Options.

Curbside Collection Guidelines

  • Garbage is collected once per week and recycling every other week.
  • Recycling materials should be placed in the green 95-gallon cart.
  • Carts may be placed at curb no earlier than 7 a.m. the day before collection and removed by 7 p.m. the following day.
  • Missed garbage, recycling, or bulk item collection should be reported to Round Rock Refuse; call 512-255-4980.
  • No more than 7 additional bags may be placed at the curb. (including bagged leaves)
  • Bagged leaves (up to 6 bags) are accepted at the curb with regular trash pick-up. Brush recycling is handled by the Forestry Division.

The City provides a variety of recycle/re-use programs designed to convert waste into resources…

Disposing of Automotive Waste

City of Round Rock offers disposal options for the following residential automotive waste:

Motor Oil:

Dispose of your used motor oil in the designated oil dumpster at any of the following locations day or night:

  • Public Works Building – 2008 Enterprise Drive
  • Fire Station #3 – 1992 Rawhide Street
  • Fire Station #4 – 3300 Gattis School Road
  • Fire Station #6 – 2919 Joe DiMaggio Boulevard


We can accept five gallons or less at the Recycling Center. The gasoline must be in an approved gas container (not in a milk or other plastic jug) and must be handed directly to the attendant on site. Include your name and phone number on the container so it can be returned to you.

Antifreeze, Brake/Transmission/Power Steering Fluid, Car Batteries, and Oil Filters are also accepted at the Recycling Center.

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