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Curbside Recycling Pilot Project
Beginning April 25, 2017, Solid Waste Management Services (SWMS) will begin a six month pilot project to evaluate the recycling material from curbside collected single family residential customers. The purpose of the project is to monitor the City's diversion programs. Recycling routes have been randomly selected for visual inspection. Staff will inspect recycling bins on their designated collection day. The pilot project will be inspecting District 2 and District 4 in addition to District 3 commencing May 9, 2017. Where the contents of the recycling bins have been observed to be contaminated, staff will attach door hangers to the bin identifying the problem. The bin will not be collected.

Please refer to the Waste Wizard for a complete list on solutions for residents receiving curbside collection, the basic sorting information is also applicable to those without curbside service, who should continue to follow their established building's set out protocol.

Some examples of plastics accepted in the Blue Bin are:

  • milk bags (inner pouches and outer bag)
  • select types of bread bags (non-foil)
  • sandwich bags (ie. re-sealable type bags)
  • bulk food bags
  • produce bags
  • dry cleaning bags
  • newspaper / flyer bags
  • garden soil, manure or compost bags
  • road salt bags
  • diaper and feminine hygiene outer bags
  • frozen fruit bags (not stand-up pouch type)
  • frozen vegetable bags (not stand-up pouch type)
  • transparent recycling bags
  • over-wrap from toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, water and soft drink packaging

Residents can put the following items in their Blue Bin (recycling bin). No sorting of recyclables is required. You can mix containers (e.g. bottles and cans) and paper products together in your Blue Bin. You may either bundle your bags inside one bag or put bags in loose. However, you should empty and rinse all containers/bags to remove residue prior to placing them in the Blue Bin. Recyclables which are not rinsed clean will contaminate other items in the bin and could attract pests.

Acceptable Recyclable items:

  • Cardboard Cans: Such as refrigerated dough, frozen juice, chips, nuts, powdered drink mix, baby formula & powdered cleanser containers. Put loose metal end inside cardboard can and pinch closed. Discard plastic pull-off strip and/or peel-off seal
  • Mixed rigid plastic: clamshell containers, clear fruit and vegetable containers, clear takeout containers and molded bakery-item trays, plastic egg cartons, disposable plastic plates and cups, clear compact disk cases (empty).
  • Plastic food jars, tubs & lids: such as margarine, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese & sour cream containers
  • Plastic bottles & jugs: with lids securely fastened
  • Milk/Juice Cartons
  • Empty paint cans & lids: lids must be separated from the can
  • Metal cans: put lid inside can and pinch closed
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • LCBO alcohol beverage containers - but you will forfeit the deposit (10 or 20 cents) that you paid at the time of purchase
  • Rigid aluminium trays, pie plates & roasting pans
  • Drink boxes: Remove & discard straws
  • Corrugated cardboard: clean, unwaxed, flattened & placed in bin
  • Plastic grocery & retail bags: without drawstrings, metal detailing or hard plastic handles. Remove receipts and put bags in one bag & tie handles closed
  • Foam polystyrene: such as protective packaging, meat trays, takeout food containers, plates, egg cartons & coffee cups. (The City sends Polystyrene to Canada Fibers Ltd.)
  • Household paper: includes junk mail, writing paper, computer paper, flyers & envelopes. Shredded paper put in clear plastic bag & tie closed & place in the blue bin (this is the only exception where recycling can be placed in a clear bag)
  • Paper gift wrap & cards - remove ribbons and bows
  • Paper egg cartons, rolls & bags
  • Empty aerosol cans: remove & discard lids
  • Boxboard boxes: such as cardboard, cereal, tissue & detergent boxes. Remove liners, plastic windows & flatten boxes
  • Newspapers & telephone directories, magazines, catalogues & books
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