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Waste Disposal Unit Installation

A garbage disposal does a number of important jobs in a kitchen. The first is that it makes it much easier and cleaner to get rid of food waste during cooking or after–meal clean–up. Instead of scraping food particles down into a composting bucket to then remove to the trash, the food remainders go down the disposal, where they’re grinded down for deposit into the waste water system.

This also benefits the plumbing. Instead of larger particles of food entering the drain and potentially creating clogs, the food slides easily down the drainpipes. There’s an environmental advantage as well: a garbage disposal allows organic waste to go into the sewer treatment system, rather than into landfills.

Professional Sink Disposal Unit Installation

Why should you call appliance installers for a new garbage disposal? For one, it’s much faster. For another, it ensures that the unit is properly hooked into the plumbing system and attached firmly to the sink. A common problem that occurs because of an amateur disposal installation job is a loose unit that vibrates too much when it runs. This can inflict damage on the sink.

To make certain that your garbage disposal doesn’t leak or shake your sink too much, let professionals take care of installing it. They’ll also make sure that you have the right horsepower to match your kitchen needs.

We Offer Kitchen Garbage Disposal and Other Appliance Installation

If you’re looking to have a whole kitchen equipped with top appliances in peak condition, then call our office today. We not only offer high quality sink disposal unit installation, we also provide dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, stove, hood microwave, and freezer installation. You only have to speak to our appliance specialists and they’ll arrange for all the work you need done. If, during the first year after installation, one of your new appliances breaks down under normal use, contact us and we’ll handle the repair work at no charge!

Since 1990, Pezz Electrical Services LLC has offered service for all things electrical. From garbage disposals to anything else you may require for your kitchen, you can count on our professionals in Hillsborough, NJ and the surrounding areas.

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