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Due to the holiday, Trash & Recycling Collection will be one day late the week of May 29th.

Windsor Township is pleased to provide trash collection and recycling to all residents of Windsor Township. This service is being provided at no charge to residents and will be paid from the host municipal benefit fee that we receive from Modern Landfill.

Are there any limitations on the amount of trash?

There is a 4 bag limit. A toter is considered 3 bags. Each container, when filled, may not weigh more than 75 lbs. nor exceed a volume of 32 gallons. All refuse must be in containers, such as plastic trash bags, or tied in bundles not larger than 3 feet by 3 feet. Each such bundle will be considered a container and the maximum weight of 75 lbs. shall apply. Toters are available to residents free of charge. If you wish to receive a toter, contact the Township Office at (717) 244-3512.

Remember to:

  • Have your trash and recyclables out at the curb before 6:00 A.M. on your collection day.
  • Put out only 4 bags of trash or 1 York Waste Disposal toter and 1 bag.

Large Item Pickup

Residents are permitted to put out one (1) large item per week as part of their regular trash collection. All items must be out at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your regular trash collection day. Please contact the Township Office the day prior to your collection if you plan to place a large item at the curb so that the hauler can be notified.



Items which WILL be collected per household:

  • Furniture (sofa, mattress, chair, etc.)
  • White goods (stove, water heater, etc.)
  • Large glass (storm window, etc.)
  • Carpet – rolled, tied in 4 ft. lengths
  • Mattresses & Boxsprings
  • Scrap metal – 48″ maximum length
  • Car tires only – Must be off rims. (No large truck tires)
  • Items which WILL NOT be collected:

  • Construction debris (drywall, tile, shingles, bricks, etc.)
  • Batteries and automobile parts
  • Treated lumber
  • Hazardous materials (Pesticides, propane tanks, etc.)
  • Tree stumps and other woody waste
  • Electronics
  • How does a holiday effect the collection schedule?

    When there is a holiday on a weekday, collection will be one day late after the holiday. The holidays observed by York Waste Disposal are: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th (if it is a weekday), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For example: Thanksgiving Day is a Thursday. Therefore, the regular Thursday collection will take place on Friday and the regular Friday collection will take place on Saturday.

    What about grass clippings and yard waste?

    The best thing you can do is to begin backyard composting. It is very important to remove grass clippings from the waste stream. Leaves, grass clippings and other yard wastes account for 18% of the waste stream. Based on the cost per ton for disposal, removal of grass clippings will save a substantial amount of money in disposal costs.

    Additionally, leaving the grass clippings on your lawn gives you the benefit of expensive fertilizer. Decomposed grass clippings replaces the nitrogen in your soil.

    Yard Waste Info from YCSWA

    The York County Solid Waste Authority accepts dedicated loads of yard waste from York County residents. There is a minimum fee to take yard waste to the Resource Recovery Center (located at 2653 Blackbridge Road ). After checking in at the Resource Recovery Center, all dedicated loads of yard waste are then diverted to the yard waste transfer facility located down the street from the Resource Recovery Center. Residents receive a gate token to access the yard waste transfer site where they then unload their yard waste. The yard waste is then shipped off-site to a commercial operation. The YCSWA does not burn dedicated loads of yard waste. They are diverted to the yard waste transfer site to be recycled into beneficial mulch.

    Must I recycle?

    Yes. Pennsylvania law and Windsor Township Ordinance #07-10-01 require all Windsor Township residential and commercial properties to recycle. All recyclable materials must be removed from the regular trash. This is not only the right thing to do environmentally, but it saves money in disposal costs. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

    What must be recycled by residential properties?

    Clear and colored glass – food and beverage bottles and jars only. Rinse containers. Remove all caps and lids and dispose lids with regular trash. Labels do not have to be removed. DO NOT BREAK GLASS. No window glass, drinking glasses, dishes, or light bulbs.

    Aerosol cans, aluminum cans, bi-metal, iron, steel and tin cans – food and beverage cans only. Rinse containers. Labels do not have to be removed. DO NOT CRUSH CANS. No foil, pie plates, siding or scrap metals or aluminum.

    Natural and pigmented plastic narrow-neck containers or bottles – soda bottles, milk and water jugs, laundry detergent containers. Ones that have a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or a 7 inside the recycle triangle symbol on the bottom of the container. Labels do not have to be removed. Remove caps and discard them in regular trash. Plastic bottles should be crushed and flattened.

    Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, phone books, glossy inserts, junk mail, printer paper, computer paper, copy paper, construction paper, kraft paper, cereal boxes and shoes boxes (or similar). Items may not be wax coated. These items may be placed in brown paper bags or in the bin.

    Corrugated cardboard – cut down small enough to fit in the bin. Cardboard may not be wax coated.

    Items that are NOT recyclable

    Plastic bags, batteries, styrofoam, light bulbs, perfume/cologne bottles, wood or yard waste, unnumbered plastics, wire coat hangers, household items and items containing or having debris and residue containing hazardous or toxic substances such as paint, motor oil, gasoline or petroleum products.

    Recycling bins must stay with the property. If you move, leave the bin with the property. Windsor Township will not replace bins.

    Where do I turn for more information or if I have questions?

    Call the Township Office at 244-3512.

    Hate Litter?

    Conduct a community litter clean-up program in York County and dispose of it FREE at the York County Solid Waste Authority, 2700 Blackbridge Rd., York, PA.

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