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Anchorage Waste Disposal

Alaska contains over 215 municipal landfills in communities across the state. In addition, over 115 waste storage, treatment, or disposal facilities support Alaskan industries, including the oil and gas development, mining, timber, construction, fishing, and tourism industries. The ADEC Solid Waste Program regulates health and environmental compliance at these facilities through a combination of design review, permits and authorizations, inspections, monitoring, and compliance assistance. Program staff are dedicated to improving compliance and permitting at all solid waste facilities in Alaska.

Proposed Regulations Changes

The ADEC proposes to amend regulations at Title 18, Chapter 60 (18 AAC 60) regarding storage, treatment, and disposal requirements for oil and gas exploration and production waste; and reuse and disposal requirements for coal ash. The amendments also address treatment requirements for small waste treatment facilities for medical waste and biosolids, as well as updating user fees.

Solid Waste Monthly Teleconference

The Northern and Interior Region host a monthly forum for all of us working towards improving solid waste management in rural Alaska to meet and share information with each other. The topics are flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate new and pressing issues. If you are interested in participating or just listening in, please see the monthly topic and register online.

  • June 13-14, 2017 Waste Utility Training - Nome
  • August 23-25, 2017 Qualified Sampler Training (Water Quality and Soil Sampling) - Anchorage
  • September 11-15, 2017 Combined Solid Waste Training and Waste Utility Training - Anchorage

WEAR Project

Eroding Landfill in Western Alaska

The Solid Waste Program conducted a 4 year Waste Erosion Assessment and Review (WEAR) project to inventory landfills, contaminated sites, tank farms, and other sites of environmental concern. These sites were then prioritized based on their erosion and contaminant risk with the 20 highest ranked sites receiving a Detailed Action Plan.

We visited 124 communities to throughout the project and created a Community Report for each community. Each of these reports can be found on the Community Reports page.

The Final Report was completed in May 2015 and is available on the WEAR Project page. There is no additional work for this completed project.

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