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City of Toronto Waste Disposal

Payment Method Accepted: Cash, Credit, Debit

Note: Only Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards accepted. If paying by credit card or debit, delays will occur Mon - Friday between 11:40 PM and 12:00 AM due to end of day transaction system updates. There is no delay if paying by cash.

Blue Bin, Scrap Metal & Yard Waste

Quantity Fee Up to 20 kg Free

Scales weigh in five (5) kg increments

Example: 25 kg costs $2.00 (Charge is based on entire load, not on the amount over 20 kg) (fees are rounded down)

Cost basis: $86.22 per metric tonne (1, 000 kilograms)

Garbage & Renovation Waste

Up to 100 kg $11.00 (flat fee)

Example: (a) 205 kg of garbage costs $23.00 (b) 215 kg cost $24.00 (fees are rounded down)

Cost basis: $114.95 per metric tonne (1, 000 kilograms)

Up to 100 kg (220 lbs). Approximately 5 tires

Example: 175 kg costs $30.00 (Charge is based on entire load, not on the amount over 100 kg) (fees are rounded down)

Cost basis: $172.43 per metric tonne (1, 000 kilograms)

Household Hazardous Waste & Electronic Waste

Household Hazardous Waste & Electronic Waste is free of charge with the exception of fluorescent tubes

Fluorescent Tube Fees

Size # of Units Fee/Unit 4' tubes 0 - 20 No Charge more than 20 $0.25 per tube for entire load* 8' tubes 0 - 10 more than 10 $0.60 per tube for entire load**

*cost example: 25 * 4' tubes = $6.25 (25 x 0.25 = $6.25)

**cost example: 15 * 8' tubes = $9.00 (15 x 0.60 = $9.00)

Follow these 6 simple steps to dispose of your waste at the drop-off depot:

Step 1
  • All vehicles containing waste must report to the weigh scales.
  • On entering the Drop-off Depot your vehicle will be weighed.
  • Note: Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and electronics disposal is free, so your vehicle does not need to be weighed.
  • Follow the on-site signs to drive directly to the HHW drop-off area.
Step 2
  • Declare the items being disposed:
    • Garbage, Recycling, Drywall, Scrap Metal, Tires, Electronic Waste, Yard Waste
Step 3
  • A deposit will be required before you will be allowed to dispose of your material. The deposit amount will depend on the estimated size of your load and the type of material.
  • A minimum $20 deposit will be required for all loads, and the payment methods are: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Debit cards.
Step 4
  • Staff will direct you to the appropriate disposal area.
  • You are responsible for unloading items.
    • Note: Personal Protection Equipment is recommended when disposing material at these locations. The City of Toronto uses its best efforts to ensure that sites are clear of obstructions and hazards. The City takes no responsibilities for damages to vehicles while on site. Users should consider these locations as industrial.
Step 5
  • After materials are unloaded, the vehicle will return to the weigh scales where the net weight will be calculated and the final fee will be applied.
Step 6
  • Weigh scale receipt is printed, refund or additional funds are received to finalize the transaction.

Note: Vehicles containing separate loads of garbage and recycling must return to the weigh scales after each material type is disposed; if not, then disposal fee will be calculated based on the highest material rate.

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