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Evaluating the alternatives to PERCAlternative solvents: Understanding the processes
From the survey we learned that over 20% of dry cleaners are using one of the new solvent alternatives to PERC. Most shops were using a hydrocarbon solvent, like ExxonMobil’s DF2000, although some shops use a new process, called System K4.

We wanted to learn more about the chemicals used in these new dry cleaning processes and the wastes they generate. This is what we found from a sampling study:

Toxicity of Solvon K4 dry cleaning solvent in fish

We tested the toxicity of Solvon K4 product in juvenile rainbow trout. The LC50 (or lethal concentration that killed half the test fish) was 45.7 milligrams per liter (mg/L).

Based on this LC50 result, when someone wants to discard unused or off-specification Solvon K4 product in Washington state, it must be disposed of as Dangerous Waste (DW) with the waste code “WT02”.

Dry CleanerToxicity of DF2000 dry cleaning solvent in fish

We tested the toxicity of unused DF2000 towards juvenile rainbow trout and found that this dry cleaning solvent failed to kill fish at the highest tested concentration of 5000 milligrams per liter (mg/L). Therefore, unused or off-specification DF2000 solvent that requires disposal would not designate as dangerous waste in Washington state. We also learned that DF2000 is comprised primarily of long chain hydrocarbons between C-10 and C-12, and does not contain hazardous chemicals like benzene or toluene.

Toxicity of still bottom wastes from alternative solvent dry cleaning

The still bottom wastes from hydrocarbon and System K4 operations are more toxic to fish than the solvents used in these dry cleaning processes.

We learned that the still bottoms contain residual dry cleaning solvent and detergent. We found that the detergents are very toxic to fish. Therefore, the detergents are likely responsible for the toxicity of the still bottoms.

These detergents are so toxic to fish that if someone wants to discard unused or off-specification detergent product in Washington state, it must be disposed of as Extremely Hazardous Waste (EHW) with the waste code "WT01".

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