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Hillingdon Waste Disposal

City Junk & Gardening has a vision to improve the lives of ordinary hardworking people and businesses in Hillingdon. Waste collection is our forte, and we are a company that believes very much in the importance of customer service. Nothing will stop us in our bid to provide the best possible services for the best possible prices.

Our passion is for waste removal, no matter what form it takes. To tidy up Hillingdon, rubbish collection needs to flexible, reliable, and meet the needs of every person or business. That’s why we offer Hillingdon refuse collection schemes that are customer centric. They don’t cost the earth, and we arrive and work at times that fit in with the rest of your busy day.

Hillingdon rubbish collection can be anything from one off small jobs, to periodic collections and large scale rubbish removal. We are a company that puts the needs of the customer first, and always takes the time to do the job to the highest standards. As a dedicated team of professional workers, armed with years of experience in the trade, who better to help you with those awkward jobs that it can be all too easy to put off again and again? If you have a large item that you would like rid of, then why not try our Hillingdon furniture collection option. Perfect for allowing you to get those bulky items out of the way. Or how about if you need our services and expertise to empty the entire building? Look no further, a dedicated house clearance is another specialty that we are delighted to be able to offer each and every customer today. We’ll have the place cleared in no time at all!

To keep your garden in perfect condition all year round, we now offer Hillingdon green waste collection. Don’t leave the waste to pile up so that it spoils the look of the back garden, give the professionals a call. We never take your waste and dump it in a landfill site. We are expert practitioners of green disposal. Not only that, but we also now offer a full range of gardening services. Nothing beats the combination of the professional work and care your garden needs, with an experienced and thorough garden rubbish collection added on for good measure. We care about leaving the planet a nicer place than we found it. No matter what you want a helping hand with, please don't hesitate to give us a call. You'll be surprised at just what we will turn these green fingered hands to.

To make a start on finding out more about the most affordable services anywhere in London, give us a call today. We would love nothing more than taking a little of the stress and hassle out of your day.

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