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Phenol Waste Disposal

Unwanted chemical stocks of solid phenol are classified as Hazardous Waste. Aqueous solutions or buffer containing phenol may be disposed of in shatter proof bottles using the carrier. Low levels of solid waste (e.g. gels, contaminated paper towels etc) should be placed into a suitable, leak-tight container and then into a yellow bag and treated as clinical waste for incineration. Phenol/chloroform mixtures can be treated as halogenated waste solvent and disposed of accordingly. if phenol waste is in the solid form, it should be disposed by making packages of phenol in paper or other flammable material and burning in a suitable combustion chamber or by dissolving phenol in a flammable solvent like as alcohol and atomizing in a suitable combustion chamber. If in a liquid form, by absorbing it in vermiculite, dry sand, earth, or a similar material and disposing in a secured sanitary landfill or by atomizing in a suitable combustion chamber.

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