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VIP Waste Disposal

Deffenbaugh Industries offers a wide variety of event services including portable toilets, waste and recycling solutions, and much more. Whether you are having a backyard wedding, a community block party, or an outside event that will attract thousands, our trained experts will assist you.


30 Yard: Due to their 6 foot height, these containers are excellent for placement on the edge of an event and can be used by the public and event managers to contain large amount of waste.

40 Yard: Larger container with 8 foot height is great for maximum disposal.


Ideal for the safe disposal of hot ashes and coals.


Ideal for indoor and outdoor events for disposal of solid waste and co-mingled recyclables. Plastic liners are available for purchase at a quantity of 250 bags per roll.


All our Johnny on the Spot units come standard with durable construction, stay-clean designs that are vandal resistant. Every unit has a waterless hand sanitizer and comes standard with non-slip floors. Women's only units are available by request. Holding Tanks - Portable tanks placed under or around job trailers, connected to the trailer’s discharge pipe to capture waste water from trailer bathroom (contractor responsible for hooking the tank to the trailer)


Hand washing station (left) includes

  • Two wide basins for fingertip to elbow wash
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Soap dispensers
  • Foot pump operated waste disposal
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