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Jobs in Waste Disposal

Jobs in the waste and recycling industry provide desirable job benefits such as flexible hours, bonuses, education and training opportunities as well as opportunities for advancement in the field. Most drivers, mechanics and welders also recieve comprehensive benefits including health insurance. Right now we need skilled, enthusiastic workers to fill the many available positions at our member companies.

Job Seekers

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or ready to take the next step in your career, we’ll help you find the opportunity that’s right for you. Join the hundreds of thousands of men and women working in this exciting field, providing essential services, and protecting the environment and public health. Learn more here.


Invest yourself in a career where you can succeed and grow. Take the first step. Join us.

Visit the career pages of our members to explore open opportunities within America’s dynamic waste and recycling industries:

Armed Forces Partnership

The Association has partnered with the Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces. This program is a public-private initiative that offers companies the opportunity to hire skilled former service members. What began in 2008 as an initiative to help Army Reserve soldiers launch their civilian careers through links to potential employers, has expanded to encompass all branches of the military.

Beyond a staffing solution, the Partnership is dedicated to meeting the nation’s wide range of industry demands, tackling the issue of workforce preparedness and reinvigorating America’s human talent to remain competitive in the global economy.

America’s Armed Forces offer a reservoir of talented service members who have the skills to succeed in the workplace, and a background that employers can trust. Service members are pre-screened and fully trained in a wide range of technical, specialized and professional capabilities in such industries as: transportation, logistics, supply chain management, law enforcement and public safety, health care, telecommunications, information technology, construction trades, engineering, civil affairs, finance, legal services, and human resources. The Partnership is the direct link to these highly skilled individuals.

Or contact:
T: 877-450-4473

Core Opportunities

Waste and recycling companies offer many opportunities in collecting and managing waste and recyclables. Our companies hire all types of drivers, helpers, technicians, maintenance crewmembers, facility maintenance and upkeep staff, welders, heavy equipment operators, materials processors and more. There are also supervisory and managerial positions overseeing these core activities.

Environmental Experts

In addition to picking up and managing trash and recycling. America’s waste industry employs environmental scientists, engineers, biologists, geologists, civil engineers and soil experts to protect today’s environment while developing more sustainable waste management practices. Some of the most groundbreaking environmental technology being used today drives positions like gas technicians, hazardous materials experts, and landfill gas operators.

Business Professionals

Our companies employ thousands of dedicated professionals that help our companies maneuver the ever-changing business of the waste landscape. Career paths include common disciplines such as engineering, IT, procurement, accounting, human resources, operations management, sales and marketing, as well as fields unique to our field such as environmental consulting.

Jobs Center

The National Waste & Recycling Association Jobs Center is the premier electronic recruitment resource for the waste and recycling industry. Here, employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs.

Questions? Contact Jobs Center staff:

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