The Scrutiny Covanta is Facing Over Fires at a Maryland Plant

Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority

James M. Irvin, Chair (chosen by Authority in May, 4-year term), 2020

Appointed by Governor to 4-year terms: Steven A. Walsh. Term expires 2020.

Jeffrey D. Castonguay; Rudolph S. Chow; Elizabeth G. (Lisa) Feldt; Rhody R. Holthaus; Michael G. Marschner; Joseph J. Siemek. Terms expire 2020.

Ex officio: Roy C. McGrath, Director, Maryland Environmental Service

Christopher W. Skaggs, Executive Director (appointed by Authority with Governor's approval)

Tower II, Suite 402
100 South Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 - 3330
(410) 333-2730; fax: (410) 333-2721

Annual Report to Governor & to chief executive officer & legislative body of each participating county due within first 90 days of fiscal year (Code Natural Resources Article, sec. 3-923).

As a public corporation, the Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority was established in 1980 (Chapter 871, Acts of 1980). Jurisdictions that participate with the Authority include Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, Howard and Montgomery counties, and Baltimore City.

By coordinating efforts and finding financing, the Authority assists participating local governments in Maryland, other public entities, and the private sector in developing environmentally friendly waste disposal systems. The Authority also helps facilities find ways to reduce waste, minimize waste disposal costs, and provide adequate services, including recycling, composting, landfilling, and combustion and energy recovery (Chapter 163, Acts of 2004).

The Authority has nine members. Eight are appointed by the Governor to four-year terms. One serves ex officio. With the approval of the Governor, the Authority appoints the Executive Director (Code Natural Resources Article, secs. 3-901 through 3-929). Basically self-supporting, the Authority receives minor appropriations from participating local governments, but no State funds.

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