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Yellow Bags Waste Disposal

- Southold Town’s Solid Waste Department is actually a “special district”, managed by a Department Head, under the jurisdiction of the Supervisor and Town Board.


- The department operates the following facilities:
  • Located at 6155 Cox Lane in Cutchogue, the Transfer Station accepts residential and commercial garbage, residential and commercial recyclables, and construction and demolition debris (C&D), all of which is transferred under trucking contracts for final disposal and recycling to out-of-town facilities.
  • Yard Waste Compost Facility. Also located at 6155 Cox Lane, (adjacent to the Transfer Station) the compost site accepts leaves and brush for disposal and produces compost and woodchip mulch for public use.
PERMITS. A vehicle permit or payment of an entry fee is required to gain access to the facilities for the disposal of non-recyclable waste.
HOURS OF OPERATION. Both facilities are open 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, seven days a week, except .

Managing Your Waste

– Waste in Southold is handled as follows:
IMPORTANT NOTE ON COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL: Residents can either bring their garbage and recyclables to the transfer station themselves (“self-haulers”), or hire a carter to pick it up at curbside. THE TOWN DOES NOT PROVIDE CURBSIDE PICKUP OF TRASH OR RECYCLABLES! Consult a phone book for available local carters.
  • “Pay as You Throw” Program for Household Garbage. The Town uses a fee-based system, rather than taxes, to cover the cost of residential garbage disposal. Called “Pay as You Throw, ” the program requires the use of special bags, sold by the Town, for everyday residential waste. The bags are required both for self-haulers and for curbside customers. Find more information on price and availability.
  • Bulky Items. The Transfer Station has vehicle scales where bulky, “Rubbish” items are weighed and charged a tip fee.
  • Construction Debris (C&D). C&D is also weighed and fees assessed at the vehicle scales.
  • Yard Waste. Leaves, branches, stumps, woodchips, etc. can be brought to the Compost Facility over the vehicle scales where they are weighed and charged a fee (leaves are free).

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