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Palm Springs Waste Disposal

Electronic Waste

  • Single-Stream Recycling Palm Springs residents should place all their recyclables in the blue, 64-gallon carts supplied by Palm Springs Disposal Services (PSDS). On your collection day, roll your cart to the street with the handle facing away from the street. Keep at least four feet from cars, light poles, mail boxes, etc. PSDS uses clean-burning, CNG-powered vehicles to pick up the recyclables and haul them to a central material recovery facility where they are sorted and shipped to be processed into new products. It is important to keep in mind that only recyclables should be placed in the carts – no garbage or trash. And, please wait until the carts are full of recyclables before putting them out at the curb on your collection day.

    The following products can be placed in the blue bins to be recycled:

  • Metal – steel and aluminum beverage, food and aerosol cans. Clean aluminum pie plates, dinner trays and foil.
  • Paper – newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, bulk mail, office paper, computer paper, envelopes, gift wrap, cardboard, food boxes, shoe boxes, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, paper egg cartons.
  • Glass – any color of beverage bottles, food jars
  • Plastic – any bottle, jug or container and plastic shopping bags.

thermostat-recycling-corpPlease do not put the following in the carts: animal waste, bubble wrap, cactus, concrete, diapers, dirt, food waste, garden hoses, Kleenex, light bulbs, lumber, mirror glass, motor oil, padded envelopes, paper towels, plastic wrap, rocks, sharps, Styrofoam, trash or window glass. Carts containing these or other contaminates may be tagged and left uncollected.

Electronic Waste
When it’s Time to Pull the Plug

Want to get rid of broken computers, TVs or cell phones? If it has a plug, it most likely can be recycled.

The City of Palm Springs E-Waste Program sponsors a twice-annual event and residents will be notified by postcard of upcoming E-waste recycling events.

TRC_poster-201x300Here’s what homeowners and businesses can recycle:

  • Computers and monitors
  • TVs and radios
  • Cell phones and telephones
  • Printers and Personal Assistant Devices (PDAs)

Please call the City’s Recycling Coordinator at 760-323-8263 for annual E-waste Program event dates.


The Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) is a non-profit stewardship organization that facilitates and manages the collection and proper disposal of mercury-containing thermostats. Originally founded in 1998 by Honeywell, White-Rodgers and General Electric as a voluntary venture, we established our mission to promote the safe collection and proper disposal of mercury-containing thermostats. Today 29 manufacturers support the program. Our members' continuing financial support demonstrates their commitment to a cleaner environment.Sofa Our collective goal is simple: keep mercury out of the waste stream in order to protect the environment.

Our network of collection sites consists of HVAC wholesale distributors and HVAC contractors. In 2006 we expanded our program to include household hazardous waste collection sites and thermostat retailers.

Today more than 3, 600 businesses and communities in 48 states are enrolled in our program. Since our founding we’ve collected over 2.1 million mercury-containing thermostats – that’s kept 10 tons of mercury out of the waste stream.

Have an old Thermostat containing Mercury? Here's how to dispose of it properly. Click below to find a recycling collection site.

Protect Your Privacy

Identity theft is on the rise. The City of Palm Springs has free community shredding events twice a year where you can destroy documents containing confidential and sensitive information. After the community-wide shredding events, all materials are recycled to make products such as compost, tissue and other paper products. As a resident, you’ll be notified by postcard of upcoming events.

Palm Springs Disposal Services also provides shredding services. Collection crews come to your house to pick up shreddable waste and take it to its facility. Please call 760-327-1351 for more information.

Items not accepted: metal clips, brackets, binders, cardboard, trash, hazardous waste, transparencies, food and beverages, paper towels, tissues or glass, aluminum or plastics.

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