Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant And Composting Plant

Images of Waste Disposal

IMaGE provides a range of microseismic, acoustic emission, and ultrasonic monitoring services for stakeholders involved in developing geological disposal facilities for high-activity wastes.

Microseismic Array Design and Processing

  • Array design
  • Vendor selection
  • Quality control of processed induced seismicity
  • Advanced processing and interpretation

We have performed array design services for geologic disposal facility seismic monitoring with three dimensional network optimization. Vendor selection and advice on microseismic equipment provided to nuclear waste management organisations. Routine system check and management of seismic systems. Microseismic data processing and interpretation.


  • Acoustic Emissions
  • Ultrasonic surveys
  • Tomographic imaging
  • Geomechanical modelling

IMaGE is a world leader in the Acoustic Emission (AE) and Ultrasonic monitoring projects for underground engineered structures. Acoustic Emission monitoring can be used to detect microfractures around engineered structures and delineate potential pathways. Three-dimensional ultrasonic surveys actively examine rock to quantify damage and disturbance accumulation. Seismic tomography can be performed for enhanced interpretation. Embedding of sensors within engineered barriers, such as concrete bulkheads, has been employed to assess integrity. Validation and development of numerical models for post-closure performance assessment. We have worked on projects with CNL, SKB, Andra and Posiva.

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