Stericycle Medical Waste Disposal

Stericycle Medical Waste Disposal

There is reason to believe that Stericycle Inc. (SRCL), the Lake Forest, Ill.-based company that specializes in collecting and disposing of medical and hazardous waste, could be in play or targeted by an activist investor soon. Stericycle last month adopted an executive severance and change-in-control compensation plan. According to an Institutional Shareholder Services QuickScore…

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Bio Medical Waste Disposal

Bio Medical Waste Disposal

What is Bio-Hazardous Waste? Bio-hazardous waste is classified as any waste which contains infectious, or potentially infectious, material such as blood. A good example of bio-hazardous waste would be sharps waste. Sharps waste obviously could contain potentially infectious material, but it’s hard to actually recognize that it does in fact contain something infectious. What…

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Medical Waste Disposal Michigan

Medical Waste Disposal Michigan

Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings Research Facility 48235 $5, 845 Cardiology 48025 $1, 800 Pain Management $6, 936 Veterinary 48732 $14, 700 Health Care Clinic 48507 $5, 400 Ophthalmology 48532 $6, 149 Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly. Try our on-line savings calculator. The Great Lakes State is the state’s motto that explains the beautiful scenery of…

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Medical Waste Disposal Utah

Medical Waste Disposal Utah

Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings Podiatry 84341 $1, 800 Dermatology 84057 $816 Fire Department 84067 $5, 400 Manufacturing Company 84104 $454 Pain Management 84770 $11, 160 Find Out How Much You Can Save Instantly. Try our on-line savings calculator. Utah’s name is derived from the name of one of state’s original Native American Indian tribal groups, the Utes…

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Home Medical Waste Disposal

Home Medical Waste Disposal

Take advantage of our convenient, Waste Management MedWaste TrackerSM sharps return-mail system to help keep your family and community safe. Disposing of used sharps and syringes isn’t simple, especially for patients at home. You can’t simply toss them into the trash or recycling bin, even if they’re inside a plastic bottle. That would endanger your municipality’s waste handlers…

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